Monday, May 11, 2009

More on statements

I was going to edit my previous posts on statements and writing of/about one's own photography into something longer once my actual blog site is moved and up and running; but there clearly is yet another aspect that needs to be mentioned: The way statements are used when the art work is to be sold.

Here is a serious collector talking about how he views statements: "In some ways, an artist’s career can be thought of as the ultimate exercise in word of mouth. Galleries are constantly trying to place important works with well known museums to validate their quality. Positive remarks by an influential critic are circulated to the mailing list. [...] When you’re early in your career, there is no word of mouth yet, and very few opinions have been formed. This is the exact moment that the statement was designed for; it is the one opportunity to frame the discussion before it goes its own way. If you decide not to take it and leave the work open for interpretation, fair enough, but you missed the chance to anchor us somewhere." (my emphasis)