Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming up...

Sorry for an upcoming dearth of posts here. I will be in New York tomorrow and on Friday for the Photo Festival. If you happen to run into me say hi. I will try to blog (or Twitter) a little about the Festival, but that depends on how busy I will be and on whether I'll find wireless. I'll also try to make it to Chelsea to see some shows there (so I can write new exhibition reviews).

In other news, my blog is getting set up at the new hosting now. The latest version of "Movable Type" was installed, which looks quite different (at least superficially) than the slightly older version I used before. The new version managed to import all the old entries in one go (unlike the older version, which caused me a lot of grief when I tried that a couple years ago), now I only need to move the images and the (old) templates. It's all there, apart from my own website stuff. We're really getting there! I'll stick with my original time frame, though, because I won't be able to fix any problems while being busy in NYC.

If I wasn't going to NY, I'd be able to finish everything this week; I still might be able to do that, but to be conservative, now I'm looking into the switch early next week. As before, in the meantime, this blog is where updates will happen.